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7 Struggles of a Muslim Girl Who Wants to Go to Prom

7 Struggles of a Muslim Girl Who Wants to Go to Prom

It’s that time of the year again, when senior girls go all out buying fancy dresses and the guys plan out extravagant promposals to ask their girls out for what’s the biggest night of their young lives thus far: Prom. *Cue the shudders*
Being a Muslim in high school, I have had my fair share of challenges–from escaping all those guy-hugs to trying to change in the gym locker room with my hijab on at the speed of light. This one–attending prom–was one I’ve ignored for a quite while. But as the deadline to register looms closer and closer, I’ve been forced to think about whether or not I would attend the said “most important night of my life” or give it up because the struggle is real.
I didn’t even know where to begin, so I asked for a little help from my Muslim Girl fam.
Here are some of the struggles they faced during prom, and a couple of tips to survive all the drama that comes along with it.
1. Not having a date and being hella judged for it.
A classic. Muslim girls are obviously not allowed to date, so bringing a guy with you at prom is just a BIG no no for many. I know pictures at prom just look awkward when you don’t have a dude by your side. Even if you just really, really, don’t care, it won’t stop those mean girls from judging you for it for the rest of your life.
Just love yourself, and your gal pals! You don’t need a boy to do it for you!  And seriously, most of the mean girls–and other people you went to high school with–will probably not marry their prom date, and will inevitably end up married (and divorced) to someone else by the time you’re thirty.  (So I hear.)
2. Having a date and making him meet you at your girlfriends house instead of your own.
Even if you happen to HAVE a date, you can’t dare bring and introduce him to your parents. Unless you want a two hour discussion about when you two are planning to get married, and then a lecture about, umm, hello, where was his family?  Like, why didn’t they come see your family first?
3. Having a date and not taking a single picture of the two of you together.
All the MG writers seem to agree that evidence is never a good idea. One of our editors–who will not be mentioned–burned all the pictures of her and her date as soon as she got engaged. All pictures must cease to exist once you tie the knot with your Jannah Man.
Or, just be smart enough to not take any in the first place.
4. The aunties that see your pictures on Facebook and think you didn’t invite them to your engagement.
No joke. With that fancy dress and made up hair and beat face in pictures, it could only mean one thing – you got engaged! However, if they have children of their own and know about prom season, you’ll definitely be getting the ‘astagfirullah’ look if their hawk eyes catch sight of those pictures. You might even sign your future love life goodbye with the number of rumors that’ll be spreading like wildfire after your big night.
5. Having to be home before 9 PM.
You can just forget about attending after-prom parties, because you’ll have to be home before prom is even over. No dinner for you. Wait. That shouldn’t even matter because you won’t be getting any of that barbecue chicken or steak.  Like, is it even halal?! <Insert sarcasm here, because according to prom veterans, there’s always a vegetarian platter to choose from.>
Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 1.48.49 AM
6. Even after going with the girls, and being covered from head to toe, you still get the haram look because your dress was a little “form fitting.”
I guess the best thing to do is wear an abaya for the event.
7. Strapless Dresses. Everywhere.
Except yours, of course. It was hard enough to let your mom let you wear a dress that showed even a little bit of skin.
The usual stress over buying the “perfect” dress seems like it would be the primary concern for a Muslim Girl who wears hijab like me, but in the prom struggle, it’s the actually the least of our concerns.  There’s aunties to think about, and parents to escape from.
At the end of the day, I decided that I won’t be going to prom because, well, I’ll be going shopping instead!  Obviously, not for prom dresses.
Remember that with a little bit of girl-squad sass and confidence, you won’t even notice everybody staring at your awesomeness. Above all else, be safe! <3
*picture of hijabi with shades because why not*

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  • In other words… kind of know you shouldn’t be be doing it in the first place- but because your mean parents and aunties harass you- you’ll be a little bad because why not??

  • I am in eighth grade and have Semi-Formal coming up…
    Yeah, I’m probably gonna end up with junk food while binge-watching T.V. And reading.
    #MuslimGirl’sIdeaOfNormal ?

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