Don’t Miss These Powerful Stories From Muslim Women’s Day 2023

Our theme for the seventh annual Muslim Women’s Day 2023 aligned with UN Women on the “Digitalization of Women and Girls.” In the spirit of empowering the Muslim women’s narrative in the digital landscape, our inspiring partners launched another powerful editorial takeover by centering our voices online. Here are just a few of the content pieces launched by our partners in honor of the global campaign.


We teamed up with Bumble to raise awareness about ways to support your friends and colleagues during Ramadan. Here’s our founder Amani Al-Khatahtbeh in her own words about the best way to be an ally. Hint: it definitely involves feeding us!

Paper Magazine


To celebrate another year of our Spotify Global Playlist Takeover featuring artists and music from a Muslim background, Paper Magazine launched a roundup of some of our top faves this year that highlighted Muslim women’s influence on hip-hop and R&B.If you missed the playlist, check out the 12 Muslim Artists to Listen to On Muslim Women’s Day... and beyond.

Her Campus


Our sisters over at HerCampus, one of Muslim Women’s Day’s inaugural partners, honored the day by sharing ways that anyone can participate by celebrating online—and off! You might have also caught our collaboration on HerCampus’s PSA for Muslim students looking for on-campus resources. ICYMI, here are six ways Muslim students can be better heard on college campuses!

Malala Fund

We joined forces with Malala Fund’s “What I Fight For” campaign highlighting the big and little wins in the everyday lives of women advocates. Muslim women are making recognizable impact across various industries, including politics and activism that deserve to be shared. Check out this short clip featuring a day in the life of Muslim Girl collaborator Nida Merchant, a community organizer advocating for minority communities.



This year’s Muslims Women’s Day was unique in that it not only happened during Women’s History Month, but it also overlapped with the month of Ramadan — a rare occurrence given Ramadan’s lunar calendar! Needless to say, fasting can really take a toll on our skin. We know hydration is key during Ramadan but how do you keep your skin hydrated while fasting? Our partnership with Byrdie became the perfect opportunity to shed some light on an often unspoken topic.



We understand the importance of feminism as a movement inclusive of all women, but are minority women equally represented? We know that Muslim women have been left out of the dialogue in Western feminism for generations, from bulldozing over our definition of liberation to defining key concepts of what our choice looks like in today’s world. We can always count on Bustle to focus on the importance of intersectionality, which is highlighted in this dynamic article.


Moms, we got you. We know what it means to carry the family’s entire Ramadan experience on your shoulders, all while struggling to reap the spiritual rewards of the month for yourselves. Fasting and worshipping during Ramadan is already hard enough as it is, let alone when you’re juggling an entire household. Here, Muslim Girl editor Zainab Khan got real about the struggle for ELLE.

We are grateful to the best partners and allies in the industry for dedicating their platforms to empowering Muslim women’s voices online. Our timely theme is crucial in today’s sociopolitical climate because when the benefits of digitization are not equally distributed across all segments of society, we don’t hear the beautiful spectrum of stories we deserve to know. Our partners are committed to changing that, on this day and beyond.