Photo credit: India Today

Right Wing Hindu Group in India Jumps Aboard the Trump Train

An elaborate ceremony held in Delhi recently honored American businessman Donald Trump. Why? Because Trump has apparently won the support of fringe right-wing group Hindu Sena.
The small crowd of about 12 odd men gathered at Jantar Mantar to pray for a Trump victory in November. Posters of a smiling Trump (with a red dot on his forehead) hung above a sacred fire and chants of “Donald Trump aayega, Islamic aatankvaad khatam hoga” (Donald Trump will come and Islamic terror will end) filled the air.
“We have kept the prayer to ask the gods to favor Trump in the election,” said 31-year old Sena head Vishnu Gupta.
In an attempt to provide even more support for the Republican candidate, Gupta also advised everyone of Indian origin living in the US to vote for Trump, according to a press release.
“We believe Donald Trump is the only savior of the world today, and only he can act against Islamic terrorism.”
Mr. Gupta is confident that Trump, and not the Indian Prime Minister, has what it takes to defeat terrorist group ISIS. “We want him to finish Islamic terror where it is coming from. Trump should just attack with more force, and root them out. Like how Barack Obama did with Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan.”
Since its founding in 2011, the actions of Hindu Sena have sparked various controversial headlines. Their most recent protest involved the cancellation of an event featuring a Pakistani singer. Gupta, Hindu Sena’s chief, has also been previously arrested in connection with vandalism as well as a false complaint about beef curry being served at Kerala House.
Gupta has since extended a travel invitation to the future President. “If he gets elected, we would want to make his first official visit to India,” he said proudly.
When asked why no women were in attendance, Gupta replied, “Women supporters couldn’t join us today. They got late. They have a lot of responsibilities.”
In India, Muslims are the minority, and are often discriminated against and abused.  Just his year, a Muslim man and young boy were lynched in Jharkhand for allegedly “smuggling cattle.”  Muslims in India can be lynched for the mere suspicion of beef consumption, or trading in livestock; they can be thrown out of a legislature, or violently attacked for refusing to obey demands to chant Hindu slogans.