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Here Are a Few of Our Fave Burkinis, Just in Time for Summer

Here Are a Few of Our Fave Burkinis, Just in Time for Summer

Memorial Day is upon us, which means summer is here!  Time for barbecues and laying out by the pool for the next three months, said no modest fashion lover ever.
Maybe it’s just me and I’m late to the game, but did you know that you can actually partake in pool festivities without hiding behind your baggy shirt from last year’s vacation spot?!
Enter the burkini. Burkinis are no longer just boring head to toe, full-coverage, modest swimwear; they’re becoming increasingly more stylish and comfortable, with mix and match pieces to suit (no pun intended) everyone’s taste.  My personal burkini of choice is a solid black crop pant with a long-sleeved slim fit tunic that comes in a variety of colors and patterns by Coolibar.
My sister-in-law introduced me to the burkini to me two summers ago, and it has changed my life. I play, run, and swim in my burkini, relax by the pool, and head to poolside barbecues, uninhibited.
In reality, there are really only like two people at the pool with killer bods. The rest of us regular folks sit by the swimming pool in the signature pool pose, propping themselves up on their elbows with knees slightly bent. I’m pretty much the only mom jumping into the pool 10 times in a row, running back and forth from the kiddie pool to the diving board, or dangling my legs in the pool, not worrying if any belly rolls are showing.
No one is oppressing me by forcing me to wear a burkini. It’s my decision and I have never felt more comfortable at the pool in my entire life. And with a layer of protection against too much sun, I feel–literally and figuratively–like the coolest mom at the pool!
Keep flipping to check out some of my fave hijab compliant swimwear for summer!
The Alex & Sabrina burkini from Modest Sea
The Danielle, also from Modest Sea
Capsters Swim Hijab 
The Ruche Swimshirt from Coolibar 
Another Ruche Swimshirt from Coolibar

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