Go Back to Real Estate, Trump.

Some news is so ridiculous that we just can’t make it up. Or can we? In what I am now referring to as the Political Bitch Slap of the Century (PoBSoC), Jorge Ramos challenged Republican embarrassment Donald Trump at a press conference in Iowa. While Trump was taking questions from a room full of reporters, Ramos rose from his seat without being called, and fired a huge question at Trump. How do you plan to deport 11 million people. Trump, being the classy luxurious man that he is, would not answer the question and said that Ramos had no right to speak out of turn. He even told him to go back to Univision and just as a side note he pronounced Univision wrong but I guess that’s neither here nor there.

Ramos was escorted out of the press area by one of Trump’s goons and eventually let back in because he’s Jorge FREAKING Ramos. Also, freedom of the press. Then, yesterday when I saw Mr. Ramos at our bi-monthly Latino Illuminati meeting he said in regards to the PoBSoC, “I’ve interviewed Fidel Castro. You think I’m scared of a nobody like Donald?”

Despite the fact that the showdown in Iowa was only a few minutes in length, Ramos is still PoBSoCing Trump’s behind all over the place from the fall out of his actions.

Ramos’ refusal to stay silent while Trump bulldozes the Latino community has sparked a much needed flame amongst Latino voters, young and old, to clap back at the Golden Man. Other Latino influencers have even taken to the cause such as Ricky Martin. Personally, I’m dying to see what Marc Anthony has to say about all this. WHERE YOU AT MARC!?

Univision, which Trump talks about as if it’s some tiny blog running out of a basement, is one of the largest and longest running television networks in Latin America and the United States servicing millions of people every single day. It’s not just novelas and reruns of Doce Corazones, it’s hard hitting news and political analysis. But Trump doesn’t care about that because the people on screen at Univision are essentially just different kinds of illegal Mexicans.

Jorge Ramos is an eight time Emmy winning journalist. Two million people tune into his daily newscast. TIME Magazine named him as one of the 25 Most Influential Hispanics in the US. They don’t just give that title to anyone!

I have a right as a U.S citizen, immigrant, and reporter to ask questions. – Jorge Ramos

Mr. Ramos is absolutely right, we have a right to ask questions and it is the responsibility of those in power to provide answers to those questions. So why is a jewel of Latin America standing alone in this battle? There are a handful of Latino journalists that broadcast behind desks in the United States, some of them immigrants and some of them children of immigrants. Very few of them have come to the cause.

We seem to be forgetting that while it all seems like a joke, this man is running for the nomination of president of the United States of America and he has enough money, power, and poll ratings to get him there. Jorge Ramos is showing us the way to unseat him and we are not following him.

Hay potenica en la comunidad Latina.

Have we as a people forgotten ourselves? There is a Latina sitting on the bench of the Supreme Court. The pope is a Latino. Last year, it was a Latino director that beat out everyone for the first time and won Best Picture at the Oscars. We have amazing authors and poets that have stirred entire countries with just their words. A Latina woman is furiously typing this article. And all these great Latinos were raised by other great Latinos who were raised by other great Latinos. Do you see what I’m getting at?

We have reached the point of fight or flight. Latinos have fought and died for the soil on which they stand. Immigrants have risked their lives and the lives of their families just for a taste of what the U.S has to offer and while this country is not perfect it is where we are living now. We own as much of a share in this land as anyone else.

The stereotype has always been that Latinos are a loud and noisy people. Jorge Ramos was the loudest voice in the room in Iowa that day. Let’s be louder. Habla con fuerza.


Image: Flickr