IDF Attacks Little Boy – And Then Defends It

The brutal act of an Israeli defense soldier who attempted to “arrest” (kidnap) a minor claiming that the 11-year-old child was throwing stones at him (now punishable for 20+ years in prison without trial) has gone viral. A video recording the fiasco that took place in the Palestinian village of Nabi Saleh was shared on Facebook and viewed nearly 3 million times, sparking outrage in many around the globe.

“He is just a little boy with a broken arm!”

According to the Israeli Defense Forces, who defended the actions of their soldier (surprise), the soldier had every right to put the 11-year-old boy, with a broken arm (which he then sat on), in a choke hold while pointing an Uzi at his face because the soldier was in grave danger due to the boys rock throwing.

Upon spotting the Israeli soldier torturing the young boy, 13-year-old Ahed Tamimi, who is the daughter of two well known local Palestinian activists, along with multiple other women went into full-on Mama Bear mode and attacked the soldier in order to free the boy. In the video, they are seen ambushing the soldier by biting, punching and aggressively pulling on his face mask while he continued to have the minor in a head lock as other bystanders yelled “He is just a little boy with a broken arm!” The soldier is also pictured attempting to wrap his hand around the young girls neck.

Finally being forced to release his grip on the boy, and freeing himself from the courageous Palestinian women, the soldier embarrassingly turned away but not before throwing a stun grenade at the group as he left.

The video, has spread outrage throughout the globe like wildfire, specifically within those who have accused the Israeli army of being too heavy handed when dealing with Palestinian protesters. Many are now using this video is mere proof of the ridiculous military policies of the IDF throughout the Palestinian Territories.

The violence took place at a weekly protest where Israeli troops and Palestinians are reported to clash often in regards to settlement construction.

The original video capturing the violence was shot by Bilal Tamimi, father of the 11-year-old victim, who commented on the difficultly of witnessing his child being attacked. The Tamimi family records many of their demonstrations along with altercations with the IDF in an effort to display the mistreatment and abuse of the Israeli military towards Palestinian civilians.


To view more videos from Nabi Saleh weekly protests, you can check out Bilal Tamimi’s YouTube channel.


Image: CNN