Nabela Noor is About to Be Your New Favorite YouTuber!

I’ve been watching Nabela Noor for a good long time now and you need to check her out! For those who don’t know, she is a Bangladeshi-American Muslim YouTuber who does makeup, DIY, and comedy videos.

In one of her recent videos, she does a skit with her husband where they share their first Ramadan together and it will make your day! You can check it out below!

She’s also not afraid to get serious on topics such as body positivity, interracial dating, and the current political climate. In one of her videos, she told the story about how she tried to tell her parents about her then-boyfriend and how  they’ve come to accept her now-husband.

It’s not every day you see Muslimah bloggers like her, so go give her some love! You can follow her on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. And please excuse me as I binge-watch more of her awesome content!