My Encounter With the Holy Quran

I never thought that I would find the perfect book in this lifetime. Being a recent revert, learning about the religion has taught me a lot. I celebrated Eid Mubarak for the first time and was I excited. It was indeed the best day of the year for me. 

So, tracking back to my conversion. After I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018, I underwent surgery, chemo and radiation from 2018 to 2020. In 2021, I was in remission trying to figure out what exactly took place during those years. 

It was my most difficult and trying times for me, so there I was trying to decipher what next to do with my life. I remember seeing the Holy Quran a while aback but I donated it to a friend of mine. Shortly after, I began to become inquisitive about the religion, so I asked to have the book back, in an attempt to gain knowledge and read it. Strangely enough, one that day she told me that she looked for the book but she couldn’t locate it, so I simply said, “Okay.”

That very same day, I visited another friend who was packing books. Lo and behold, as she packed away books, she came across the Holy Quran (a different version of course). She immediately handed it to me, as I stood in shock. This was the very same book that I was seeking. As I read it, I was so intrigued, I just could not stop reading it.

As I read it, I was so intrigued, I just could not stop reading it.

Every night as I read it, page by page, I grew more engrossed in it. As I completed one version of it, I knew that I needed to convert shortly after. I took shahada before Ramadhan and was happy to fast for the first time. I didn’t think that I would make such a fast but to my surprise, I did, along with reading the Holy Quran every day.

After Eid, another version of the Holy Quran was gifted to me. Boy, was I excited! It was the best gift ever. I am still reading this version but I feel as though I cannot go one day without reading it. It became a part of my life now. Never have I come across a book so great such as the Holy Quran, I am loss for words to really describe it. It is something that you need to experience on your own as we all move towards Jannah, may we all continue to stay safe, In Shah Allah! Ameen!