#MuslimGirlCampfire: My Ghostly Rendezvous

Gather around the campfire, #MuslimGirlClique, as we countdown to Halloween with the spookiest stories our girl gang has to offer! Check back on the daily to jump in fright to a new story every day…

Now, this story happened in London when I was 17. My family went to Wales for a wedding, since I had exams, I wasn’t able to join them. As a result, I stayed home alone. Revising, and having friends over, it was all fun and games…at first.

Then came the third day of me being home alone. I woke up super-late, and felt really lethargic. The plan was to revise, but since I felt incredibly low on energy, all I really wanted to do was to eat food and watch T.V. all day. Now, the T.V. button itself was off, so in order to turn the T.V. on, I had to press that to get the remote to turn it on.

As I got up to do so, I got a massive head rush, and a forceful gust of cold wind came at me as if through an open window. But that wasn’t possible, since I had ensured that they were all closed, for my own safety. I sat back on the sofa to let the dizziness pass, and after a few seconds, got back up again.

I made my way towards the T.V. and saw something in the reflection that I will never forget. A tall, slim, shadowed man was just standing in the middle of the room, facing me. Just a tall, black figure.

At this point, all I remember was what happened afterwards: I ran, took the house keys, locked the door, and fled from the house. I went to a family friend’s home, who lived a mile away. This was really the first time I had seen anything like this so clearly. Over the years, I still tend to see dark shadows lingering around the house, but I’ve learnt not to be afraid. We come from a moderate to strict Muslim background, and pray five times a day, so I don’t believe the ‘presence’ will harm us.

But it’s always nerve-racking to see these things.

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