#MuslimGirlCampfire: The Screeching of the Spectral Dog

Gather around the campfire, #MuslimGirlClique, as we countdown to Halloween with the spookiest stories our girl gang has to offer! Check back on the daily to jump in fright to a new story every day…

My cousin and I went to a cinema in Bangalore, for a late-night viewing of the latest blockbuster on offer. Usually, we have a driver, hired to take us to and from any location we need, but on this particular evening, we just couldn’t get a hold of him. So, we walked out of the plaza complex to see if we could find him parked out in one of the streets opposite.

We kept walking the darkest of nights, where the street lights were completely dim. The strongest source of light was the moon. As we continued down an alley, we heard a constant cry from a baby, which then shifted to what sounded like a women crying. We drew closer to the presumed source of the noise, and as we did so, we could see a silhouette of large animal sitting quite close to a well. From what I remember, it looked like a rather large dog. Bear in mind that the only light we had around this area was moonlight.

As we continued our approach, my cousin and I remarked to one another that perhaps continuing down this alley wasn’t the smartest decision, as our presence might encourage the stray dog to attack us.

When we turned around, convinced that it would be safer to avoid this alley, the ‘animal’ mimicked a baby crying again. Our hearts stopped. When we turned around, the large dog’s silhouette was significantly smaller, similar to the size of a newborn baby. As if this wasn’t jarring enough, it started to grow, as if someone was stretching it, to the size of a fully-grown man, who started crying. Right in front of our eyes.

Needless to say, we ran as fast as our limbs could carry us, reciting all the kalmas, and making a lot of dua, as we sprinted away from the ‘thing’, and back into the complex we had come from.

After a few days of recovery, my dad and our driver went back to the spot my cousin and I had described, and found out that there used to be a graveyard there. The place was just covered in trees. A dead end. After this incident, we stayed home and couldn’t sleep alone for days. Even when we flew back home, to the U.K.

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