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Did the MuslimGirl Founder Just Ring Nasdaq’s Opening Bell?

Did the MuslimGirl Founder Just Ring Nasdaq’s Opening Bell?

Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, MuslimGirl founder and editor in chief, joined several Forbes honorees Monday morning as she rang the opening bell at the Nasdaq in New York City, N.Y. The ceremony took place at the major commercial sector in Times Square, and was showcased on the Nasdaq MarketSite Tower.
This historic moment marked a hijab-clad woman setting new precedents for Muslim women globally as they are actively shaping the face of Islam in American media.
Earlier this month, Amani made the annual Forbes 30 Under 30 list, which showcases 600 of the world’s leading young entrepreneurs and change-makers.
She became the first veiled Musilm woman to be recognized in the media category and MuslimGirl the first Muslim company to ever make the list.
Next up: MuslimGirl’s own IPO? ????

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  • I am really saddened by how Muslim Girl is aligning itself so closely to the neoliberal system, to Wall Street, to capitalist measures of success. I think it’s a real mistake as a Muslim company that you’re not questioning or critiquing these systems, when non Muslims and non Muslim companies with a sense of social justice do. For this reason I’ll be logging off Muslim Girl for good.

    • You know what, you’re delusional at best. Muslim women need this kind of positive visibility. We need to stop being SJW behind our computer screens in our parent’s basements, and do what Amani is doing. When you feel like shit for being categorized as a terrorist or an obedient oppressed woman, you take a good look at your comment and think about your flawed rhetoric and how damaging it is to women in general. And log off Muslim Girl, we don’t need to appease your sort any way.

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