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Make Sure You Didn’t Miss These Powerful #MuslimWomensDay Convos

Make Sure You Didn’t Miss These Powerful #MuslimWomensDay Convos

Muslim Women’s Day 2019 may have come and gone, but the fun never stops. This year was even bigger and better than ever before, thanks to an army of partners who committed to passing the mic, and using their platforms to elevate the narratives of Muslim women in all arenas.

We are so very grateful, not only to our partners, but also to our allies; those who stood with us and voiced their unequivocal support by speaking out about the Muslim women in their lives, using the hashtag #MuslimWomensDay, and committing to support and listen as Muslim women continue the fight to determine our own narratives.

As original content flooded your timelines and newsfeeds, we invited a few of our partners to join us in hosting Facebook Live events. What ensued was an extensive series of discussions on fashion, politics, and what truly defines the experiences of being a Muslim woman in this day and age.

Join us as we recap the #MuslimGirlFire that was our lineup of Facebook Lives.

1. Get Ready With Her Campus.

Get Ready With Ridah in Celebration of Muslim Women’s Day

Happy Muslim Women’s Day! We’ve partnered with Muslim Girl to celebrate Muslim women all over the world today. From empowered Muslim college students to inspirational Muslim influencers, we’re highlighting women who are leading ambitious lives and defining what it means to be a Muslim woman in the world. Today, Ridah (@ridsies) from the Her Campus team will be doing a chatty get ready with me, giving some insight into what makes her feel empowered as a Muslim woman and how she found a sense of community with other Muslim women.

Posted by on Wednesday, 27 March 2019

We started our morning off with Ridah, a senior manager of the Her Campus business development team in New York. Ridah takes us through her morning routine for some sick style tips, as well as a discussion of her unique experiences as a Muslim woman.


2. Is Modest Fashion Political? This Nylon Panel Tells All.


Happy Muslim Women’s Day! We’re at our studio with MUSLIMGIRL.COM for a panel getting into modest fashion, whether diversity trending in the fashion industry right now is appropriation, and navigating the fashion industry in today’s heated times. Our moderator will be Amani Al-Khatahbeth, founder & editor-in-chief of, joined by our panelists: Maria Alia, modest fashion influencer, Melanie Eltuk, founder of Haute Hijab, and model and speaker, Mariah Idrissi.

Posted by NYLON on Wednesday, 27 March 2019

This dynamic, chatty panel made up of Amani Al-Khatathbeh (editor-in-chief of, Mariah Idrissi (the first hijabi model for H&M), Melanie Elturk (CEO of Haute Hijabs), and Maria Alia (a digital strategist extraordinaire and occasional model) takes us through the most controversial and hotly debated aspects of modest fashion.


3. Planned Parenthood Action Tackles Taboos.

LIVE: Muslim Women's Day 2019

Happy Muslim Women's Day! We're live with Donya Nassar and Gracie Aghapour on why reproductive health care is so important and how the reproductive rights movement can better serve Muslim communities.

Posted by Planned Parenthood Action on Wednesday, 27 March 2019

In this live, Planned Parenthood takes reproductive health head on. Often dismissed as too taboo to discuss, reproductive health is a topic that is generally overlooked in the Muslim community. Watch as the Planned Parenthood team discusses how they intend to tackle this issue, as well as many more.


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4. Teen Vogue Catches Up With Amani.

We’re live with Amani from Muslim Girl talking about #MuslimWomensDay! Chime in with questions.

Posted by Teen Vogue on Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Brittney from Teen Vogue sits down with Amani Al-Khatathbeh as the latter recounts why the idea of Muslim Women’s Day went from a pressing need to an absolute necessity after the 2016 elections.


5. Welcomes Dalia Mogahed.

Posted by Muslim Girl on Wednesday, 27 March 2019’s very own Mounira sits down with Dalia Mogahed, the Director of Research at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (IPSU), to discuss why statistics play such a vital role in tackling and dismantling false narratives.

Image courtesy of @hercampus/Instagram
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