Jon M. Chu Speaks About the Pride and Power of Representation in Film

In this enlightening talk, Jon M. Chu, the director of surprise super hit “Crazy Rich Asians,” talks about the journey that led to his career as one of the most talked about directors in Hollywood, as well as the unexpected and unplanned moments that ensured Chu saw himself and his family as “a normal family that fit in and belonged on the screen in front of them.”

His discussion is an emotive ode to the importance of remaining connected to your cultural heritage and representing your own authentic identity (as well as that age-old adage: always listen to your parents). Chu recalls a time his enthusiasm with his thriving directorial career began to falter, and how his determination to give back to the film industry he loved so much led him to a small novel by Kevin Kwan, and the unmatched power of representation. As we are all well aware, this successful partnership spawned a blockbuster movie boasting an all-Asian cast — the first in 25 years.

In this Ted Talk, we learn about the undeniable power that comes from community.