Introducing the January #MuslimGirlArmy Care Package

It’s safe to say that 2016 was one hell of a test for us. With hate crimes taking a rise to 569 incidents in just over 500 days, we’ve had a lot of stress to carry on our backs. That’s one of the main reasons Muslim Girl wanted to provide our readers with something to look forward to each month, beginning with our first care package that went live on Black Friday, preparing us for post-election life. No need to tell you that the boxes sold out quick with amazing reviews of each product included.

This month is no different. Our theme for the January #MuslimGirlArmy Care Package is all about putting you first, because… “New Year, who dis?”

Ladies, it’s not selfish to take care of ourselves. We deserve it. And this box is a monthly reminder to do just that.

In our January box you will be treated with the ever so popular Vela scarf, with each box providing a different color. We love the material and the beautiful shades they come in – and we think you’ll love it, too.


BUT WAIT! A handful of subscribers selected at random will be receiving an exclusive sample pre-scale scarf from up-and-coming modest fashion brand The Covered Girl!

Also in this month’s care package you will receive a Cure Bar to reboot your energy level and satisfy those hunger pains. I know a lot of ladies already on the Cure Bar kick, and they absolutely love this product as a meal replacement or a snack. (Black seed? I’ll take two, please!)

cure bar

And for those of you who love to keep those nails polished, but want to keep it halal, we’ve got you covered (or your nails, that is) with a supplementary polish by Tuesday in Love to go with the breathable shade you got in your box last month. (Check out our review of last month’s popular halal-certified nail polish.)


Last but not least you will receive an amazing package of CoCo-Shea Dead Sea Mud for your face or body. It’s made in Jordan, taken straight from the source. You’ll love the way it makes your skin feel.


You’ll also receive a special note from our fierce af December Muslim Girl Baddie of the Month, Leah V. Can’t wait to see what inspiring words she has to keep us motivated.

It’s no secret that the road ahead may be a bit bumpy from time to time, but at least we got the #MuslimGirlArmy Care Package deployed. Subscribe to our January package today before they run out. I promise you, you won’t regret it.