#ILeftTheGOP: Why Did These Die-Hard Republicans Finally Cut the Cord?

Not that the Muslim community really needs an explanation, but this curious little Twitter thread showed up, and we thought it might be worth delving into why lifelong GOP supporters finally cut the cord.
You see, my extended family, many of whom immigrated to the United States in the the 70’s or early 80’s, were registered Republicans. They felt a sense of familiarity in the conservative nature of the GOP, both fiscally and spiritually.
By the 90’s, it because crystal clear that the GOP party they resonated with no longer existed. Instead, they felt “otherized” by a party they considered their own.
And yet, until the 2016 election, the Republican Party has continued to enjoy a healthy (read: scary) amount of support. So what caused these life-long Republicans to set aside their privilege, draw the line and abandon the GOP? Read on to find out:

Here’s the Tweet That Started It All:

And the Rest Flowed: 


And Finally, a Message From Us All: