I Pray for a Better World

Submitted by guest blogger, Khadija Mohsin

“We all bleed red!” they say.

Yet this ideology gets blown away by the wind

When they come into contact with one who is perceived to be lesser than them


“I don’t see color, I’m colorblind.” they say.

How can you not see color, when I am standing here in front of you

Wearing my pride on my skin, from my head to my toes?

It has been painted onto me with a fine tip paintbrush


“I’m not racist but…” they say.

I fear your ignorance for it has killed my people before

When I say “my people,”  I do not mean those of my country

When I say “my people,” I mean those who have stood beside me

I mean those who have faced what I have faced

I mean those who fear what I fear

I mean those who fight alongside me in this battle against hate

I mean those who are people of color

“Go back to your country!!” they say.

How can I possibly go back to my country

When I was brought up and raised in America

When I was taught to love America before I was taught to love my own people

When my parents planted our futures into the same soil

That my oppressors have been buried in?


Ignorance and fear

Traps us

Suffocates us

Drowns us


I pray for a better world

In which Americans,

The citizens of the melting pot,

Can live in perfect harmony

I pray that we can finally be the “land of the free”