#HalalPaint is Coming to the UK

If you haven’t already heard about MuslimGirl.com’s collaboration with ORLY to create the #HalalPaint collection, let me fill you in — it’s a nail varnish that is vegan, cruelty free and made from 100 percent halal ingredients that includes argan oil and vitamin C.

And the best part: the lacquer is permeable to water and air… so that’s right ladies, you can do wudhu and keep your claws painted!


The limited edition collection features names created by us at MG such as “Haram-Bae” and “Wallah Bro Wipe Out,” as well as names inspired by common names for Muslim girls, like “What the Fatima?,” “Ig-Noor the Haters,” and “The Perfect Amani-cure,” named after our founder and Editor-in-Chief Amani Al-Khatahtbeh.


“Many of us are the girls who could never find our names on a keychain, so we wanted to make sure we provided that experience through this collection,” Amani said.

But up to this point, us Brits (me included) have only been able to admire the ORLY collection from afar. All this is changing as the brand have begun shipping #HalalPaint to the U.K.!


This collection is limited edition so be sure to order yours now!