Conde Nast (Finally!) Announces Launch of ‘Vogue Arabia’

Yesterday morning, Conde Nast announced that they will be launching Vogue Arabia.
Come fall, the ubiquitous style tome will launch in Arabia–first online, and then moving to print the following spring.
When it turns to print, Conde Nast plans to distribute it to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Dubai, where Vogue Arabia will be based.
To reach the “small but influential number of affluent Arabs” who have second homes in London, Paris, and Milan, the magazine will also be distributed there.
Who will be Arabia’s Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of American Vogue?
The role has been given to Saudi Princess Deena Aljuhan Abdulaziz.
“The Arab couture customer has been around since the 1960s — way before the Chinese and the Russian,” says Abdulaziz, who fell in love with Vogue as a teenager. She’s an authorative voice on fashion and luxury in the Arabian subcontinent, and has perfect knowledge of both Eastern and Western culture.
She runs her own members-only boutique in Riyadh, called D’NA. She’s unbelievably chic, and perfect for the role of the first editor-in-chief of Vogue Arabia.
deena aljuhani abdulaziz
“Vogue’s newfound openness to the Middle East might potentially be rooted in the rise of the personal luxury goods market, which has grown by 19 percent, reaching just over $9 billion dollars,” says Hello Beautiful.  “This move will further position Vogue in the market.”
Modest style blogger Saufeya bint Goodson captured the enthusiasm of many.

The fashion and creativity that comes out of the Arab world–and the fashion that many affluent citizens with a penchant for luxury pull in to it–proves that Conde Nast has made a good choice in launching a Vogue for the continent.
About time, we say.