BREAKING: Trump Mobsters Storm the Capitol

Today, Trump supporters stormed the Capitol after results of the Georgia Senatorial race comes in with Democrats winning the majority. This also comes after over a month of Trump perpetuating the idea of unfair play in the presidential election, claiming that the electoral college results should not be accepted.

The unmasked mobsters were shown live shattering windows of the Capitol as they stormed into the building after pushing their way passed Capitol police and climbing over barriers. They were shown holding banners in support of Trump, seething with anger over Biden’s presidential win. It was late in the day before Trump made an appearance to tell them to go home, but not before enhancing his rhetoric that he and his supporters were cheated out of the election.

A pipe-bomb was reported and some law makers were evacuated from their offices, or ordered to shelter in place in a massive lockdown of the Capitol.

Trump tweeted to “stay peaceful,” adding “No violence! Remember, WE are the Party of Law & Order.” 

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has stated she is drafted an order to impeach Trump with less than two weeks away from President-Elect’s inauguration.

The mobsters came from all over the nation – which begs to ask, how did they plan should a coup without the feds being tipped off? One answer: You can’t find what you aren’t looking for.