10 of the Best Reactions to Trump’s Twitter Ban

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the dangerous to democracy man-child in the Oval Office was banned from Twitter, finally, after four years of inciting hatred among his followers. Twitter, naturally, brought its best jokes for a day we’ve all been waiting for.

Here are 10 of our favorites.

Now we all have more followers than the President of the United States!

His free speech wasn’t restricted; a private company just decided not to platform his hatred anymore.

No one gets banned better or bigger than Trump! Or should we say “yuger” or “yugely”?

Tom, who was everyone’s friend, deleted himself from Trump’s Top 8. (Heard Putin is Trump’s number one.)

T is for Twitter ban….and Facebook, Instagram, and everywhere else.

In case you still don’t get it…

There are three explainers on this list because some people still don’t get it.

Trump will have to pivot to a new platform now.

How will his supporters get their MAGA hats now?

An alert from the most presidential President ever