Now that we understand what the day is about, you may be wondering what exactly is a keffiyeh? The Keffiyeh is a gender neutral checkered scarf that you’ll usually see in either red or black, depending on what region of the Middle East you're in. The Palestinian keffiyeh is black and white, and most recently has been a popular fashion piece worn by the general public. This day allows those who understand the significance the opportunity to shed some light on its significance - so if you're wearing it as an accessory rather than a statement, now you know. You're welcome.

Meet the Palestinian-Americans Fighting to Keep Kufiyah Production Alive in Palestine

Economic deprivation–due to ongoing Israeli occupation–continues to wreak havoc on independent Palestinian businesses. Currently, the West Bank notices a sharp decline in footwear production, with less than a third of original shops operating.  Little is even mentioned anymore about Silvana, the once famous chocolates and confectionery factory in Ramallah. Through a program called Know Thy…

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SHOCKING: New Study Finds Media Promotes Islamophobia

Anyone who watches or reads the news could have told you this, but now research says so, too. A study conducted by American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), a Quaker activist group, came to a conclusion that the rest of us already knew:  Mainstream media helps promote Islamophobia. In fact, dangerous correlations between Islam and militancy,…