#MuslimGirlFire: 6 Muslim Creatives You Should Know

As we continue our journey discovering and rediscovering amazing women who keep this crazy world moving, we focus today on the creative side of empowerment. Check out these 6 creative female powerhouses who are making their mark in the world of art. 1. Bayadir Mohamed, Sudanese-American Author You have to check out Bayadir’s first book,…


This Is How You Respond To Inappropriate Questions

Have you ever been in a situation where you were asked inappropriate questions? Imagine…you’re in a room full of colleagues (pre-COVID) and one of your male peers strikes up a conversation with you. At first it’s fine – strictly platonic. And then he says, “You’re so pretty. Why are you still single?” Do you answer?…

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6 #MuslimGirlFire Interviews You Should Read in Honor of Women’s History Month

It’s March 1st, so you know what that means, right?! It’s Women’s History Month. As such, we thought we’d treat you to a roundup of six of our favorite #MuslimGirlFire interviews that you should check out. Ready to learn about some amazing Muslim women? Neda, who loves pole dance fitness Neda is a nurse practitioner…


Watch: The Racial Politics of Time

In this TED Talk from TEDWomen, cultural theorist Brittney Cooper explores the racial politics of time: how time has been stolen from Black people by white supremacy, and with it, opportunities, health, and joy. This TED Talk will make you think about time in a whole new way. Check it out above. Have you ever…


Watch: Black History Is American History

Okalani Dawkins plans to be a human rights lawyer one day, but before that happens, she is paving her way as a strong and passionate speaker for civil rights. Watch this video as she speaks about African American societies in America’s history past the Civil Rights Movement.


7 Ways Remote Learning Is Affecting Muslim College Students

Muslim students have been facing systematic and faith-based discrimination on campuses since 9/11. But the COVID pandemic presented a new set of unprecedented challenges to the entire Muslim student body in America and the rest of the world. At first, Muslim students had to cope with the changes alongside their peers. But soon enough, they realized that…


5 Reasons Millennials Should Start Journaling

Children are expected to keep a regular diary while growing up. This is where they can write down daily activities for review. In fact, at some point in our schooling as children, we were probably required to journal or keep a journal. Unfortunately, most people don’t practice this habit once they become adults, even knowing…


This Video About Self-Love Is All You Need To See Today

Love is in the air or something like that, so everyone is saying. If you don’t have a valentine or galentine, you’re probably safe from the haram police at least. But that’s neither here nor there because this isn’t a post to debate whether or not V-day is haram or not. All joking aside, we…


Do You Know What “Colonial Depression” Is?

Have you heard of “colonial depression”? Colonial depression is the aptly named phrase, coined by Alicia Elliott, to describe the mental health harm that arises from colonialism and its corresponding infrastructures that center white supremacy and place a lower value on the lives of Black, Brown, and Indigenous people. In this Twitter thread, Indigenous author…


5 Must-Have Pieces of Jewelry

Whether you have a laid back sense of style or you prefer to dress in sophisticated pieces as often as you can, you’ll want to make sure there are a few staples in your jewelry collection that will make any outfit stand out. Some jewelry pieces are considered “standard” by many designers, meaning most women…


Check Out This College Students’ Guide to Staying Fit

Moving to another town and starting a new life as a college student can be challenging. Not only do you have to get used to new people, a new environment, and a new way of living life, but you must also change habits and foods. For exactly this reason, college students can put on weight…


Do You Know the Signs of Cervical Cancer?

January is cervical cancer awareness month. Cervical cancer is the fourth most common kind of cancer among people with vaginas worldwide and can be easily screened for with pap smears. It’s important for vagina owners to know the signs and symptoms of cervical cancer, and get preventative care so that problems can be diagnosed earlier…