5 Reasons Why Gratitude Should Be An Everyday Thing

Gratitude.  It’s something that we feel every once in a while. It brings positivity and wellness into one’s life. However, when life takes you through bad and rocky times, it can be hard to feel grateful for what you have, and who you are. As a result, you’ll feel the following symptoms: Impatience Irritation Feeling…


My Encounter With the Holy Quran

I never thought that I would find the perfect book in this lifetime. Being a recent revert, learning about the religion has taught me a lot. I celebrated Eid Mubarak for the first time and was I excited. It was indeed the best day of the year for me.  So, tracking back to my conversion….


What Every Muslim Woman Needs to Write

The world of today wants (and needs!) to meet a real, passionate, powerful modern Muslim woman. In order to make her voice resonate, she needs to be in-sink with herself as well as many aspects of her being. A great yet underappreciated way to quiet the outside noise, analyze your thoughts, feelings are by writing…

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7 Best Islamic Universities to Know About

College education is important today, especially if you’re looking to work in a highly-paid position. Going to university is one way to make this happen, since virtually any research program in the world or career opportunity will ask for you to have a diploma. Knowing which schools to choose is highly important, since this direct…


Lost Friends? Here’s How To Deal With It

I have lost many friends in the past in both ugly, and happy ways.   Although I don’t consider myself a Friendship Guru (Like Olivia Rodrigo, I currently only have two real friends), I *think* because of my experience in losing friends, I’m qualified to tell you how to deal with it. Now, although you may…

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Check Out How This Revert Learned To Pray

Before you watch this video you should know that this is not a step by step tutorial on how to pray. This video is of a revert who tells you how she learned how to pray during quarantine, the apps she used, and all other tips to help you learn how to pray within a…



If you have gotten through your teenage years, you know how many life lessons you had to go through and how difficult those years of your life may have been. Throughout those years, you began to develop your self-confidence, found your passion for the world around you, and even gained knowledge. Now that you are…


7 Useful Islamic Apps for Muslims

Editor’s note: Appearance in this list does not denote an endorsement by MuslimGirl.com. These recommendations are from the author of the article. Being a Muslim can be challenging if you live in a non-Islamic country. However mobile applications are making our life easy!  The truth is that there is a mobile app for every type…

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3 Tips for Successful Thrifting

Thrift store shopping can yield some terrific treasures, but the strategy you use will impact your enjoyment in the experience. Thrift shopping is a “see it, buy it” process; you can’t put it in your online basket and think about it. Whether you’re looking for clothing, camping gear, or a great computer backpack, you may…

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5 Important Things Every Young Adult Should Know

Every teen dreams of the day they can move out of their parent’s home and face the real world and live on their own. When they move out of the home, there are certain things young adults should know before gaining access to the real world. For young adults, it can be hard to feel…

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Why I Decided to Start My Own Desi Fashion Brand

As a young girl growing up in the United States, I was always on the lookout for clothing that connected me to my rich and vibrant culture. I was uninspired by standard American fashion, and I also wanted to go beyond the traditional three-piece suits that are quite often the norm in Desi culture –…


These New Muslim Women TV Characters Play in a Rock Band

There’s a new show on television — and this time we’re meeting an entire ensemble cast of Muslim women characters. In Peacock’s new show “We Are Lady Parts,” starring Anjana Vasan, Amina is an awkward but musically talented brown girl trying to keep up with her friends all getting engaged. Her journey leads her to…

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POEM: Roots

We have inherited our parents’ roots A mixture of home and homeland We plant these roots within ourselves Where we once standWe grow into a garden of ourselvesEach part a piece of our beingFlowers that were passed down to us through generations Trees that were added in along the wayFruit that our friends boreHere we…