Journalists Imprisoned in Myanmar for Uncovering Rohingya Massacre

This Wednesday, a judge in Myanmar ruled on against the appeal for dismissal of a case against two Reuters journalists. They have been imprisoned in Myanmar, accused of violating the “Official Secrets Act” after they were arrested with papers given to them by the police. The preliminary hearings were held in a court in Yangon…


Noor Salman Found Not Guilty on All Counts

Noor Salman, widow of the Orlando shooter, was found not guilty by the federal jury of aiding a foreign terrorist organization and of obstruction of justice in relation to the attack carried out by her husband in 2016. Salman was arrested in January, 2017 after her husband, Omar Mateen, attacked the Pulse night club in…


Naomi Wadler: The 11-Year-Old We All Need to Be Listening To

Saturday’s March For Our Lives protest saw many powerful speeches–and performances by celebrities. But the one that stood out amongst all these incredible moments was Naomi Wadler’s statement. Naomi Wadler is an 11-year-old activist from Alexandria, Virginia who led the walk-out at her school with her friend Carter, and moved the crowd in Washington, D.C….


‘Punish a Muslim Day’ Letters Shock UK Muslim Community

On March 10th, anonymous letters detailing a point system based on assault against Muslims were sent to families in East London. The points awarded increases incrementally as the assaults get more violent: 25 points for pulling off a woman’s head scarf 500 points for murdering a Muslim 1,000 points for bombing a mosque In addition…


Hey Muslims, Black History Month Doesn’t End Here

As February comes to an end, it’s important to look back on the month and reflect upon what we learned, or unlearned, about Black history, and the biases at play. So let’s start with the origins of Black History Month. In 1926, Carter G. Woodson and the Association for African-American Life and History came up…


Another One: Mennel Ibtissem Leaves ‘The Voice’ Amid Backlash

Mennel Ibtissem recently quit the “The Voice” after she received backlash for some old Twitter posts where she condemned the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and the French government. She announced she was leaving the show on Friday via a video shared on Facebook. In the video, she apologized to anybody she may have upset. This comes a…


France’s ‘The Voice’ Contestant Harassed for Pro-Palestine Stance

Mennel Ibtissem, a contestant on France’s edition of “The Voice,” stunned judges with her Arabic rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”. Soon after her cover went viral, the French media uncovered Ibtissem’s tweets which voiced her support for Palestine and criticized the French government. After these tweets came to light, she was dubbed a radical, far-right, anti-France terrorist…


What You Missed During Last Night’s State of the Union Address

On Tuesday night, President Trump delivered his first State of the Union Address. In his speech, he focused on employment growth and the economy, infrastructure, trade policies, immigration and national security. The address invoked a sense of unity, and bipartisanship, vastly differing from the gridlocked state that the government is currently in. Congressman John Lewis…