Faith 2.0: Rediscovering Your Faith

Are you beginning to miss your prayers? Are you feeling really caught up with the world and do you feel like you are losing awareness of Allah (SWT)? A drift like this can often happen and we have some tips for you on rekindling your relationship with God that can bring you closer to Islam….


Al-Asr: The Passing Time

Wa-(a)l-‘Asr(i). ‘Inna-(a)l-‘insana lafi khusr(in). ‘Illa-(a)lladhina ‘amanu wa ‘amilu-(a)s-salihati Wa-tawasaw bi-(a)l haqqi wa-tawasau bi(a)s-sabr(i) “By the Time. Indeed! Man surely is in a loss. Except those who believe, and do good deeds, and mutually enjoin truth and mutually enjoin patience” (‘Al-‘Asr 103: 1-3) Al Asr- The Passing Time. One of the shortest chapters in the Quran but…


Deah, Yusor, and Razan: Our Three Winners

Problems afflict the pious and the impious. Its how one deals with them that decides whether they are blessings in disguise or punishments. –Yasir Qadhi I am absolutely broken from the events that have happened this week. I cannot even express how much pain I have felt as a Muslim. People from all over the…

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The #WhoIsMuhammad Hashtag Takes Over Twitter

Have you joined in on the latest trending hashtag? Twitter user @SpanishKash1 started the hashtag #WhoIsMuhammad and it has now been tweeted over 170,000 times. The hashtag was created in response to Charlie Hebdo’s new cover depicting yet another offensive cartoon of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Muslims around the world are taking part in #WhoIsMuhammad to share the positive teachings…