Meet the Muslim Woman Behind #IStandWithAhmed

Ahmed Mohamed’s rise to internet fame has been skyrocketing. People across the world have been posting their support on social media — from President Barack Obama to Mark Zuckerberg to Sophia Bush — united by a single hashtag: #IStandWithAhmed. This entire movement can be drawn back to one 23-year-old MuslimGirl from Arlington, TX: Amneh Jafari….


Ahmed Mohamed’s Dad Gave the Media Free Pizza

Ahmed Mohamed’s face has been the highlight of social media over the last couple of days. This 14-year-old boy went from being racially profiled and falsely arrested, to being invited to the White House by the President himself. And aside from the fact that Ahmed has set an example for a country that’s become riddled…

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#NotMyAmerica: How the Arizona Rally Has Backfired

My social media feed erupted last night with news of the anti-Islam Phoenix mosque rally. Pictures of gun-toting white men, angry supremacists, and hate-filled bloggers encouraging them behind the scenes combined in a depressing cacophony of pointed fingers and misplaced rage. And what’s worse is the frightening media coverage that always seems to have the…

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The Girl’s Room Recap: 9 Lessons We Learned From #SOTMU

The Girls’ Room is a MuslimGirl.net online monthly series of Google Hangouts in which we discuss the topics that we all actually want to talk about with prominent guests from the Muslim community and beyond. Last Thursday, for our February episode of The Girl’s Room, we had an amazing discussion on the State of the Muslim Union…

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The Girls’ Room Recap: 7 Lessons We Learned From #MGFerguson

This is something you definitely didn’t hear first. MuslimGirl hosted an all-star lineup last week of civil rights organizers from the Muslim and Black communities in the January episode of The Girls’ Room. We’re talking history-making badasses. To get a full list of their names and bios, click here. We were joined by activists both from…


The Indictment of My American Pride

The night of Darren Wilson’s non-indictment, amidst all the circulation about white privilege and injustice in the land of red, white and blue, one particular statement stood out. I was scrolling through Tumblr, my frustration with the American justice system beyond the usual, when I saw a post by @mercedesbenzodiazepine: “Just wondering…. Who’s still proud…