Understanding Rahma: From Womb to Worship

It is quite interesting to learn that the Glorious Almighty’s name, “Ar-Rahman” is derived from the word “Raham,” a womb. Allah said: “I Am Ar-Rahman. I created the Raham (womb) and derived a name for it from My Name. Hence, whoever keeps it (family ties), I will keep ties to him, and whoever severs it, I…


How I Lost Nearly 30 Pounds in 3 Months

Disclaimer: The author of this article is not a dietician or certified trainer, but has described a method that worked for her. Every body is different. Before starting a diet plan, it is important to seek the advice of your health practitioner.  Being overweight is an issue with which many of us have struggled with….


The Truth About Al Nakba, the Palestinian Catastrophe

To begin with, the nakba did not begin in 1948 — its origins lie over two centuries ago. For Palestinians, 1948 marks the “nakba,” which literally translates to “catastrophe,” when hundreds of thousands were forced out of their homes; however, for Israelis, the same year marks the creation of their own state. The story began…


Can Genes Be Turned On and Off?

For decades, it has been believed that genes are the foremost and final controller of our particular body shapes, personalities, and diseases. In fact, many scholars believed that the genetic code single-handedly decides one’s intelligence and is the cause of several global issues, such as poverty, crime and violence. However, revolutionary research in epigenetics —…


Why Do We Forget That Showing off Is a Grave Sin?

Without a question, I love my culture and my Islamic religion, but there are certain practices that are unfortunately very common in the former with which I disagree. At times, some Muslims think worldly matters must take precedence over religious instructions. We, at times, will deviate from Islam in specific aspects of life with nothing…