8 of NYC’s Best Halal Food Joints

New York City is a place of many wonders: you will never run out of places to see, people to meet, or things to do. Sometimes, NYC delivers on its promise of excitement, and sometimes, like any city in the world, it doesn’t. However, when it comes to NYC’s wide variety of tasty places to…


This Is Why Pink Feminist Hats Don’t Represent Me

After the election of Donald Trump, a wave of pink feminist “pussy hats” hit the markets in protest. These anti-trump “pussy hats” spearheaded by The Pussyhat Project were meant to be a part of the greater Women’s March and the feminist movement, born in response to Trump’s remarks about “grabbing women by the pussy.” The hats…

DACA supporters protest the Trump administrations termination of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Los Angeles, California on September 5, 2017. The DACA program protected 800,000 young undocumented immigrants from deportation.(Photo by: Ronen Tivony) (Photo by Ronen Tivony/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

This Is the Life of an Undocumented Dreamer

Fernanda was just 10 years old when she crossed the U.S.-Mexican border by foot with her then six-year-old sister, who had a broken arm at the time, and her mother, chasing the American Dream. They left their hometown of Cholula, Puebla on Nov. 17, and were some of the lucky few who arrived in Queens…


Dear Donald Trump: You Already Failed

It’s been a year since your inauguration and I’m afraid we haven’t got much to show for it except the anxiety of nearing a nuclear war with North Korea, the destruction of immigrant communities and the government shutdown. That’s just a handful of the countless errors made by the administration this year. Well Mr. President, I’ve…


7 Arrested Dreamers on Hunger Strike Call for a Clean Dream Act

This past weekend, on Dec. 14, seven courageous Dreamers and one ally were arrested fighting for a clean Dream Act. Refusing to give their names to the police, they remained in jail and risked deportation, nonetheless demanding action from Congress. The hashtag #nodreamnodeal trended all weekend long as news broke of the seven Dreamers who were arrested following…


Oh Gaza, Allow Me to Paint a Picture of You

Take the Gaza Strip, allow it to be your canvas, Tilt the canvas a little away, from the sun, Strip naked, the little stick figures, So you can give them something to mourn and cry for. Splash a little bit of determination on them, Get a little cold-blood in the process, Wear a thin layer…


These 3 Muslim Women Are Destroying the Status Quo

During a time when the majority of the government is made of White male faces and Trump’s administration makes it increasingly difficult for non-White, non-Christians to succeed in the United States, here are three Muslim women of color that serve as a breath of fresh air. These Muslim women are direct challenges to the establishment…


Myths About PMS & Painkillers Every Brown Girl Has Heard

It comes as no surprise that for many of us Brown girls growing up, the subject of periods was hushed. Much of what we learned was not from our parents but from outside sources and self-searching. Sometimes, the information we came across was faulty. Here are just some of the myths that we’ve heard and debunked…


What it’s Like Being Muslim on a Catholic Campus

  Being Muslim on a Catholic college campus certainly has its ups and downs. First off, there’s the inevitable challenge of being different from the majority. While there is a significant population of Muslims on my campus, we are a minority and are often looked at with a lesser value in the eyes of students….

Unsplash, Andyone

I’m Celebrating Halloween for the First Time as a Muslim

Growing up in a Pakistani household, Halloween was always this confusing “America-only” holiday where we would never answer our front door. But as a child, I always envied the kids who got to dress up and get free candy while my Muslim parents said it didn’t align with Islamic beliefs. It was a holiday for Christians and, so,…