In Today’s Quick Fashion Industry, Who Do You Wear?

(Image/Reuters) Fashion can seem pretentious, nothing more than an industry driven by materialistic ideologies, with an unsettling hunger for riches from its curators. Yet, this needn’t always be the case. The fashion industry is a strong force in the corporate world. It has shaped the lives and attributed to the successes of many a people….


5 Steps to Boost Your Skin Care Routine

My philosophy when it comes to skin care is “less is more.” Partially, because I’m a broke pharmacy student, but also because investing in a few proven products will keep your skin and your bank account happy. And it doesn’t need to be complicated – just thorough and consistent. Here is a list of some…


13 of Your Best Eid-ul-Adha Instagram Looks

Hello ladies! It’s that time again. Eid, where thousands of stunning women bless our Instagram feeds with their gorgeous outfits. This Eid had it all, everything from pastels to florals to flares galore! And you needn’t worry, we’ve done all the scrolling for you. Here’s a roundup of some of our favourite looks this Eid…