Two Muslim Women Stabbed in French Revenge Attack

Two Muslim women were rushed to the hospital after being stabbed by two French women near Eifel tower on October 21, 2020. Kenza and Amel were walking with family members, including two kids, near the Eifel Tower when two French women stabbed them while attempting to take off their hijabs and calling them racial slurs….

Photo credit: Pixabay

Here’s Why This Bride Opted for a Zoom Wedding

The pandemic has forced many people to cancel, postpone, or reconsider their plans for 2020. One category of people who have had to make major adjustments to their plans are couples who wanted to celebrate their love with their friends and family, but couldn’t because of health restrictions. After planning for many months for the…


Here’s Why Rape Culture Is a Problem in Egypt

Content warning: This post discusses violence against women, to include rape culture, sexual assault, rape, and street harassment. Women across social media have been coming forward about their sexual assault cases and exposing their harassers, and Egyptian women decided to finally speak out as well. This year has been full of surprises and unexpected events….


This is What Defunding the Police Looks Like

As protests rise across the US after the murder of Geroge Floyd at the knee of a police officer (as well as neglect for the officer’s partners,) many people are saying the solution is to defund the police. What does defunding the police mean to the community, and how can it impact us all?  Defunding…