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The Art of Protest and Feminine Power

One year after the Women’s March, I am convinced that laying down our swords is the only way we can have real change.  I look around the community and see women paying the ultimate price – their own happiness. I have been a proud woman warrior since day one. When the nurse slapped me, I…


Why Talk about Sex? My Personal Journey

For most of my life, I avoided difficult questions that seemed to pit my gender against my religion. I could not truly wrap my head around everything from the permissibility of marrying four wives to the concept of “what the right hand possesses.” I knew in my heart of hearts that my love for Islam…


We Asked Experts About the Sexual Benefits of Fasting

Written by Manal Omar   For more than 40 years, I have read article after article about the virtues of abstaining from food and drink for the mental, physical and spiritual self during the month of Ramadan. Yet little has been discussed on the benefits that come from the requirement to abstain from sex. Well, that…