Spoken Word: Hear Our Voices – Episode 2

Contributors: Nihal Mubarak, Akilah Abdul-Rahman, Hanan Issa and Hira Ismail The “Hear Our Voices” podcast is Spoken Word Poetry themed, featuring writers from the Muslim Girl blog, as well as a guest writer. This set of poems engages with issues of self-love, social justice and empowerment.      


Poem: Move

Blood boiling No Churning in my veins Over and over inside and out Gut squeezed Lungs caved They’re back The Nazis are back. Truth be told they’d never Left But here they are in open daylight Angry eyes Shouting opened mouths My blood turns and turns Freezes and heats Thought I’d only see them In…


5 Reasons You Should Read ‘A Torch Against the Night’ Right Now

For those of us who love to read, we find our ways. Growing up, I mastered the art of reading in absolutely any situation: while eating, while stretching, doing chores, mopping the floor, you name it. I once finished half a book while walking on a treadmill because I needed to handle the stress the plot was causing me. Today, the sight of a library or…

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Update: Suspect Arrested in Arson Attack on Florida Mosque

On the night of September 11th and the eve of Eid al-Adha, a mosque in Florida, the Islamic Centre of Fort Pierce, was attacked by an arsonist. Mosque attendees were unable to attend celebratory Eid prayers there the following morning. The St. Lucie County Sheriff’s office suspected the arson to be deliberate. Security cameras on…