Toxic Shock Syndrome Is Not Just a Women’s Issue

In 2013, news spread that an innocent 14-year-old girl named Natasha Scott-Falber suddenly fell ill and died in the United Kingdom, leaving her family shocked and heartbroken. Initially, Scott-Falber was thought to have died from blood poisoning; however, her family discovered that her illness came only days after the first time she ever used a…


Thanking Islam’s First Revert

The past five months have been filled with some of the most life-changing events of my entire life. I’ve reverted to Islam, made the choice to wear hijab and practice modest clothing, learned how to pray properly — all of which intimidated me and I couldn’t properly envision a year ago. Coming from a mindset…

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5 Questions I Get Asked Frequently as a Latina Revert

Latinas, like any other culture, have a slew of stereotypes associated with us. We’re expected to be these fiery, loud women with long hair and sensual curves that love to cook and dance and bare children. We’re either sashaying our hips to salsa in the kitchen, praying with our rosaries or over our candles to Santa…