Ilhan Omar: Why Advocating for Palestine is Not Anti-Semitic

This past week, the U.S. midterms made history, electing an unprecedented wave of women leaders tasked with taking back our democracy.  Amongst them is 36-year-old Ilhan Omar, elected to Minnesota’s 5th congressional district. Omar, a Black Muslim woman and a Somali-American refugee, has made history three-fold:  as the first hijabi in Congress, the first Somali-American legislator,…


America’s Role in Creating the Refugee Crisis

The U.S. is partly to blame for the destabilization and destruction happening in many of the countries included in President Trump’s “Muslim ban.” America’s disastrous foreign policies have played a major role in creating the current refugee crisis. Six out of the seven countries on the list have been the targets of U.S. military operations —…

Photo Credit, @FatiElo via Twitter

Here’s One Sentence That Shuts Down the French Government’s Latest Freak Out Over the Hijab

Just over a week ago, in an interview with France’s Libération newspaper, the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls voiced his support for banning the hijab at universities. Though he admitted that “…there are rules in the constitution that would make such a ban difficult,” he still said that the ban should happen. Since 2004, France’s laws ban the…

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