Watch: We Need #JusticeForAsifa Asifa Bono was a child who was kidnaped, drugged, raped and murdered by men looking to drive out her nomadic tribe from the land. Individuals who victim blame need to shut up and reflect on the power dynamic at play.  The perps were sane and knew the consequences of their actions. The last place…


What is Gendered Islamophobia? Sidrah Ahmad Explains

“As a visibly Muslim woman, navigating viral support systems like the #MeToo movement and #TimesUp is frustrating, because as a community, we have not prioritized the safety of Muslim women who have survived abuse and trauma at the hands of both Muslim and non-Muslim men. There’s a reason Muslim women don’t confide in most feminist…


This Badass Photographer Is Changing the Way You See Muslim Women

If you haven’t heard of Alia Youssef yet, you will. The up-and-coming Canadian photographer is on a mission to not only blaze a trail for Muslim women in the industry, but also totally flip their image on its head. Her latest series, “The Sisters Project,” profiles Muslim women in a way that might make you…

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Following Bill 62, Women Fight Back With #HandsOffHerNiqab

What happens when a law is passed which dictates what a woman can and cannot wear in public and infringes a charter-given right? We follow the motto “Sisters before misters.”  Bill 62 isolates and immobilizes Canadian Muslim women who choose to observe the Niqab. The bill will embolden racists, and so-called “patriots,” to use this…


All the Times We’ve Said ‘Allahu Akbar’

As a Muslim man plowed into a crowd in New York City last week, Muslims around the United States held their breath. Since the attacker is believed to have exclaimed “Allahu Akbar” before killing eight people, Muslims have come together on the internet to reclaim the term. The phrase “Allahu akbar,” or “God is great,” is used…


Check Out Shameelah Khan’s Documentary, ‘Women in the Dark’

“Women in the Dark,” a short documentary that was created, filmed and starred by Shameelah Khan in 2015, provides a poignant response to what is typically a taboo subject. This provocative documentary has been screened in festivals including Scotland’s The African in Motion Film Festival as well as Sweden’s CinemAfrica Film Festival and Uppsala International Short Film Festival….