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Short Story: Brief Love

(Somewhere near Kraków, Poland – Budapest to Warsaw – Thursday, January 20, 2022.) Ever, in a fleeting moment, caught a glimpse of someone, that you wish for it to last forever? Alas, the moment passes, your destination arrives, and you exit the train from separate doors, moving away from each other… forever. You sit, completely…

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Why We Need to Talk About Miscarriages More Often

The names in the article have been changed to maintain the privacy of the individuals. When I saw mention of the idea for this article in our weekly pitch list, I quickly jumped at the opportunity to write it. Somebody very close to me went through this a while ago, but I had been unable…

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This Film About Life as a Palestinian Is Nominated for an Oscar

Farah Nabulsi, a British-Palestinian filmmaker, is turning heads with her latest short film, “The Present.” The multiple award-winning story recently bagged the prestigious BAFTA for “Best Short Film,” and is now in the running for an Oscar. “The Present” is a story about life’s mundane moments, and how they are made arduous in the face…


Why Twitter Hates the Trailer For “United States of Al”

Yet another “inclusive entertainment” initiative to miss the mark? CBS recently launched the trailer of its new sitcom United States of Al and people are not feeling it. Created by Chuck Lorre, David Goetsch, and Maria Ferrari, with Reza Aslan as executive producer, the show is set to premiere on the April 1, 2021. A…