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10 Badass Reasons Muslim Women Are Superheroes

Muslim women are superheroes. We uplift one another, and the communities that surround us. We put ourselves on the line for justice and peace. We create love, light, and beauty in a world where war and hate cast shadows everywhere. Through our sisterhood and our activism, we are spreading that light and that power throughout…


Muslim Girl Recap: Let’s Talk About the Oscars

I look forward to the Oscars almost every year, and after last year’s #OscarsSoWhite controversy, I was especially excited to see so many films made by immigrants, Black artists, and people of color rightfully earn nominations. Though I watched enthusiastically, I hardly expected the night to be as amazing and impactful as it was for…


Poem: Acacia

I want to cut off my breasts and bury them in the dirt. I want to cut out my womb and burn it. If I can’t have or nurse children, will you stop treating me as though I am just a vessel? I want to starve myself so thin that my stomach goes flat and…


6 Woke Super Bowl Commercials From Last Night

I don’t generally watch the Super Bowl, but I’m glad I did today. More specifically, I watched for the commercials. Now, to be clear, these organizations are advertising. They want your moola. Your cash, dough, cheddar. But this year, several companies figured that if they were going to fork over a mountain of money to…


A Familiar US History Lesson: Jewish Refugees of the Holocaust & Refugees Today

After Trump signed his executive order on immigration restriction, colloquially called the “Muslim Ban,” immigration from the countries of Syria, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, and Sudan halted faster than you could say #NotMyPresident. Above: Jewish refugees await entry to the U.S. (From the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.) Above: Syrian refugees journey to Europe….