An Open Letter to Jennifer Lopez

Dear Jennifer Lopez, 

Congratulations on making tons of money at every single one of your dazzling shows, especially the one in Israel. I see you being happy and having fun, and I’m really happy for you! 

But I’m sure you already know how much benefit your shows have for the countries you perform in.

And I’m also pretty certain that you have at least heard about the relentless conflict that has been going on between Israel and Palestine. 

What you may not know is this: Palestinians have been defending themselves and their homes over the years, whilst facing militarized Israeli forces determined to execute them with the hopes of vanishing them from the face of earth completely. 

There are Palestinians who consider themselves avid fans of yours, and may find comfort in your catchy beats as they are constantly under attack by their occupiers, Israel. Please try to remember that your fans are the reason you are where you are. What happens when they’re not there anymore? 

I’m trying to state some facts for you because I’m genuinely curious to know if you even care about the people who have gotten you to where you are? Do you care that Israel continues its shameless land-grab from the Palestinians, like an unwelcome guest? Do you care that Israel is using every trick in the book to expand their illegal settlements at the cost of indigenous Palestinian homes? I’m really not sure whether you understand that your whole career depends on the people who support you, and that you have an opportunity here. An actual, honest-to-goodness opportunity to use your platforms and raise your voice in support of the oppressed. Are you aware of what your fans are going through? Do you care? Lorde took a stand, and let me tell you, we respect her all the more for it. 

To be completely honest with you, I don’t think people who only think of themselves deserve success and support. Because if we give them our success, support, and hard-earned dollars, they may end up using it against us. 

Sounds familiar, huh, JLo?

Anyway, thanks for showing us what matters the most to you (money).

Have fun living your life while profiting from a land that spills the blood of your fans. Make sure you enjoy it while it lasts, because we are all accountable for human suffering in this world. No matter how much we try to separate ourselves from it.  


A Muslim Girl.