12 of Your Best Eid-al-Adha Instagram Looks

And just like that, Eid-al-Adha is behind us! And yet, we can’t stop fan-girling over some of the stunning looks our sisters in faith (and in style) slayed this time around. From the understated pastels hues, to the iridescent sparkles that you can admire from space, there was no style that the sisters of our ummah couldn’t slay.

And so, to celebrate the resplendent beauty and diversity of YOU, our sisters in faith, we present some of the most eye-catching Eid outfits to grace our newsfeeds. Keep slaying, sisters!

1._.Kxnizz is goals in neutrals:


2. ___Enimsay keeps it simple and striking in a pink jumpsuit: 


3. Maryiambibi is pretty in pastels:


4. Lifesforliving shows us that you can never really go wrong with white:


5. For hodan.ysf, it’s all about the accessories:


6. Nouraabdi_ slays an elegant dress:



7. Sarah_dza keeps it traditional:


8. This sibling squad has their style down:


9. Danielambiah shows us how to add a pop of color: 


10. Kingdxna’s hijab styling, though:


11. I needed a special appreciation post for sharifaeasmin’s flawless beat:


12. And finally, I will never get over the perfection that is _1x.ra’s stunning dress: