muslim women's day

This American Muslim Revert Talks Back on Muslim Women’s Day

This #MuslimWomensDay submission is brought to you by Chelsey Love. The following is a her narrative of why she made the video. We think you will enjoy the video as much as we did. It’s so empowering.


“You’re so oppressed! Don’t you think you’re being a bit regressive?” These are comments I receive daily on my YouTube channel as an American Muslim Revert Woman. If hearing these misconceptions on the media wasn’t enough, I have to kindly confront these comments more than I’d like to admit. I felt so passionate about my response to one of these comments that I wanted to record a general response to inspire other women who may want to stand up for who they are, and what they stand for as Muslim Women. This is about female empowerment and sharing our thoughts through life’s experiences. Having said that, happy Muslim Women’s Day!