#AleppoisBurning: Tell Politicians to Drop Mics, Not Bombs

Assad continues to blow Syria–and the U.S. brokered ceasefire deal–to smithereens.
This past Saturday, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which is the  largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy group in the nation, demanded that the Obama administration join the international community in taking “immediate and concrete steps” to stop the continuing and escalating slaughter of Syrian civilians by Assad’s bloody regime and their allies.
The same day, President Obama gave his charismatic final speech at his White House Correspondents’ Dinner, dropping the mic as he finished.

He should stick to dropping mics–as should all politicians–and stop dropping bombs.

Meanwhile, in Syria, nine days of airstrikes have left hundreds dead.  The bombings have been indiscriminate, relentlessly hitting civilian areas.  Some of these attacks even targeted medical facilities, like hospitals, killing one of Syria’s last remaining pediatricians, along with patients and staff.
Predictably, the Assad regime denies responsibility, but locals allege the nearly 30 airstrikes were carried out by the regime or its Russian allies.
The human rights chief of the United Nations, Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, said the killings demonstrate a “monstrous disregard for civilian lives.”
With the support of the Obama administration, a ceasefire deal was brokered by the United States and Russia in February.  Despite the deal, on April 22nd, the latest rash of barbaric bombardments began, obliterating both the deal and civilian areas.
Experts say that the “cessation of hostilities” was used by Assad and his pro-regime forces as a cover to prepare for their latest round of bloodshed and bombing targeting the country’s civilians.
CAIR released a statement condemning the violence, saying:
“We condemn the barbaric assaults on Syria’s civilian population and medical facilities by the Assad regime and its allies. We also express the American Muslim community’s solidarity with the Syrian people, who have suffered years of slaughter, torture, rape, and dispossession while the international community offered little more than crocodile tears. 
“We demand that our government take immediate and concrete steps to stop this most recent slaughter of Syrian civilians and move beyond words in supporting their just demands for freedom and dignity. The Syrian people need action, not diplomatic mumblings. 
“Our nation and the international community must act to end all outside support for the Assad killing machine and provide those Syrians seeking a free and democratic society the means with which to achieve their goal.”
“Finally, we call on the American Muslim community and all other citizens of conscience to pray for the Syrian people.”
Now, if only the rest of the world’s so-called leaders would join in.

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