Ahmad: My Nephew’s Name Is Embedded to His Skin

Written by Nadia Abbas.

My nephew’s name is embedded to his skin

In silk threading

White, holy, pure

My nephew’s name is sung with awe

In parts of the world

That glimmer with faith

Received with tears of joy,


Blushing hearts

My nephew’s name immigrated across a bitter ocean

Dragged through a wrestling sea

Taking root in the cold body of the land of the free

My nephew’s name has grown older, tired

Thrown around like a dagger




My nephew’s name is written in fire

Across the TV

My nephew’s name longs to take a breath,

Longs for its youth,

Longs for its innocence,

Longs for a hearty laugh

My nephew’s name faces a frozen Atlantic to its right,

And barbed wire to its left.