7 Ways to Make your Alcohol-Free Wedding Amazing

No, alcohol does not equal no fun when it comes to a Muslim Girl wedding.  Most Muslim girls already know how to have a good time without it, but if you’re stressing about the reactions of some of the guests, have no fear.
After all, in the non-Muslim world, isn’t booze usually one of the highlights–a rite of passage–at the reception?
But your guests are here for the bride and groom, not the booze…right?!  Right!
With wedding season upon us, here are some tips to ensure you and your guests will have a night to remember.  (Pun totally intended.)
The number one way to have a non-stop party is with amazing music! Get yourself a great DJ, create a killer set list (a little Shakira and a little Bollywood goes a long way), as well as a very specific DO NOT PLAY list, and no one will be sitting at their tables once the music gets going.
A decadent dessert bar will be the most visited spot of the night. You can still serve a traditional wedding cake, but why not add a some cookies, pastries, beignets, candy, cupcakes….. And give a nod to your ethnic heritage with some falouda, umm ali, kunafeh, baklava, kheer, ras malai or gulab jamun. Who says all you get is cake at a wedding?
Create a signature mocktail. By having a signature drink served during cocktail hour, you are creating a mood that feels celebratory and festive. Mango Lassi is always a winner. Add some garnishes and serve in fancy stemware for a fun way to show off your personality.
Add some fun games and activities. Not all your guests will want to dance, but they will want to do more than just sit around. Set up a photobooth station with some kooky accessories and props, or add some table games, like Mad Libs or Scrabble, to help break the ice among your guests.
If all else fails, change the time of day. Many weddings take place in the evening hours, but to make it more casual, change the time of the wedding to a relaxed brunch. Who doesn’t dream of a cereal bar at their wedding?
Encourage more socializing by serving your food buffet style. By having your guests move around the venue to get their meals, they will be able to socialize and interact with the other guests, instead of being tied down to their assigned table in a the more formal sit-down dinner.
Keep your guests’ dancing shoes on all night long with an espresso bar. No one will be yawning when they have their choice of different types of coffee, lattes, and mochaccinos. Just make sure to have lots of flavored syrups, mix-in toppings, and whip cream.
Written by Sam’n Iqbal