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Self Care: 5 Reasons Why You Should Take a Break Right Now

Self care is something everyone needs to implement in their lives. Giving yourself the proper dose of spirituality, physical exercise, and personal needs are all things that should be practiced. Mothers and career-driven women put their family or career first, but when it comes to taking care of themselves, they might put themselves last.

It may sound selfish, but it’s important to put yourself first. If I am unable to take care of my body and soul, I physically can’t take care of anyone or anything. When I over-exhaust myself, it’s hard to cater to everyone that relies on me, because I have nothing more to give.

Once I take care of myself, then my family comes next. Here are five ways to make sure you’re putting yourself first, too.

1. Know your worth.

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If you are a mother, remember your family relies on you, and you have to be whole inside to take care of everyone else. You are a huge asset to your family, and when you are emotionally exhausted, everyone’s needs cannot be met. Regardless of what you do, you have to be complete inside in order to give it your all.

2. Plan out your day.

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The reality is, we all have responsibilities, and planning is a key factor to putting yourself first. If you are extremely busy, try to pencil yourself in once a week. Then slowly increase that time until you are satisfied with the amount of time you are giving yourself.

3. Do it without guilt.

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Remember that you’re doing this for yourself. Whether you have to study, or have work the next day — you are not at a loss. If anything, you are adding value to yourself, and putting that energy back into your tasks.

4. Find a place away from everyone.

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Whether you want to hit the gym or read a book, find a place where no one can bother you with tasks. You should be in an area where you are free of any duties. Enjoy your time to the fullest.

5. Make it a habit.

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Taking care of yourself is not selfish, and it should be practiced on a daily basis. Do what makes you happy, and enjoy life. If you don’t have the time, find it.


Once you start to realize that you need to practice self care, your life will truly change. You have to physically and internally exercise your heart. I get it, it’s hard to be an adult, but we should never neglect ourselves.