Modest winter essentials
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4 Stylist-Approved Modest Winter Essentials

We spoke to Forough Piroozi, a certified stylist and fashion designer, for some modest winter essentials this season, and we’re here to spill the tea!

But before we do, we wanted to talk about what it really means to dress modestly.

Alia Khan, founder and chairman of the Islamic Fashion and Design Council, reminds us that as Muslim women, we’re ambassadors to the entire world and that’s a wonderful place to be.

She says: “Modesty is such a profound and meaningful concept, we still really haven’t come up with the English word that captures exactly what we mean by covering. 

“When we cover we do it for a spiritual sense and a functional sense.”

When it comes to trends, Khan says: “There’s no compulsion in how you embrace your modesty. 

“We’re free because of the way we have chosen to embrace our lifestyles and because of the value-based principles that we live by. 

“Those are principles that are a gift to us because they liberate us to be exactly who we are.”

1. Denim on denim

For Piroozi, denim on denim is not only one of her modest winter essentials.

“The only trend that I never give up and in all seasons is the denim on denim trend,” she says.

“Whenever you style it you’re trendy, I call it the beauty that never ends.

“It has the inspiration, emotion, and the soul of continuous fashion.”

2. The Classy Look

Piroozi says: “I love vests because they give a classy touch to the whole style — in fact, you can say that I’m 99% a classy person.”

When it comes to dressing elegantly and modestly, Piroozi highlights that it can be done with or without the hijab.

She says: “Dressing modestly is mostly caring about your body’s privacy.

“A woman is more than just a beautiful body, it’s about having a beautiful mind too.

“We [Muslim women] feel that our bodies are not capable of being just a public display, but we preserve our bodies with our modest and elegant clothes.”

3. Basics

She says: “For me, the perfect style comes with perfect basics.

“For example, I believe no one can ignore the beauty of a simple and basic T-shirt, a pair of denim jeans, and a classy top that adds a unique style to the outfit.”

4. Hats

“I am so in love with beanies this winter, they’re warm and an easy way to stay in style,” adds Piroozi.

“I also love the beret hat, it’s so classy and stylish.”

Before you go, here’s a reminder from Piroozi to love yourself and remember that beauty comes from within.

She says: “Be confident in the message you want to send through your unique and modest style because you really are different.”