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Can Your Race Invalidate Your Islam? Here’s What 5 MG Readers Said

Islam isn’t exclusive to one race; you can be a Muslim wherever you are in the world no matter your race, ethnicity, education, or any other personal identifier. However, this is not the case for so many Muslims from diverse backgrounds.

Last week, MG readers sparked a pivotal conversation about being told that they didn’t look Muslim just because of their race.

Even though the conversation was initially opened to amplify the voices of Black Muslim women and dismantle the common stereotype that being Black means you’re not inherently Muslim, non-Black Muslims had a lot to bring to the table as well.

Here’s what five MG readers said about this type of microaggression. (Make sure you check out the post above for the rest of the answers!)

What does that question even mean? Black or Muslim first? Because you can’t be both at the same time? Are people stewpid?


I try to mind my business! A dude at work once said to me – with a straight face —‘Are you sure you are a Muslim? You don’t look it.’ I didn’t even bother.


I was talking with a Punjabi man, and I told him I was Black and Muslim, he said ‘no, you aren’t Muslim, you are Black.’ And I was like, ‘What?’


Non-white Muslims telling me I’m not Muslim because I’m a white revert, lol.


What a dumbass question. Being Black is who somebody is. Islam is a religion.


If there’s anything people should’ve known by now, it’s this: Religion and race don’t refer to the same part of your identity. Just as we know there are Black Christians, there are Black Muslims. Likewise, Arabs can be Christians.

Again, let me repeat that for those who’re still having a hard time grasping it: Someone’s race isn’t reflective of their faith.

What about you? Have you ever been told that you can’t be Muslim because of your race? Sound off and let us know at @MuslimGirl on Twitter or Instagram. We’d love to hear your input.

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