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4 Reasons to Attend Eid Prayers

4 Reasons to Attend Eid Prayers

It’s almost that time–the day Muslims around the world have been patiently waiting for, and looking forward to all month.
The feeling of Eid morning is like no other.
I love seeing my family and friends, wearing my fancy new Eid outfit, and finally being able to enjoy my coffee during the day!
But more than all that, I love the Eid prayer.  It’s one of the most rewarding and beautiful aspects of Eid.
Here are four benefits of making it to Eid prayer.

It’s obligatory on all Muslims.

Most scholars agree that attending Eid prayers is fard (obligatory) on all Muslims, both men and women. Since Eid prayer is congregational, your hasanat (good deeds) will multiply even more.

It reminds us to remember Allah.

Sometimes it’s easy to associate Eid, especially Eid-al-Fitr, with food, festivities, and new clothes, and this certainly isn’t a bad thing. Allah commanded us to enjoy ourselves, to relax, and to look our best on Eid. However, we should also remember Him on this day, and it should be just as spiritual as Ramadan. Salatul Eid (Eid prayer) reminds us of Allah, and encourages us to thank Him for the blessings of another successful Ramadan and another Eid to celebrate with loved ones.

It’s a chance to get involved with the Muslim community.

Islam is a religion of brotherhood and sisterhood. Congregational prayers like this one bring together Muslims of all ages, genders, races, ethnicities, nationalities, and socioeconomic backgrounds in a show of unity and love for each other, and for Allah. It reminds us of just how diverse the ummah is, and it is a testament to our religion’s inclusiveness and of the equality of everyone in the eyes of Allah. Surrounding yourself with other Muslims, all of whom have come together to celebrate and to give thanks, is bound to give a boost to your iman. Also, it’s a beautiful reminder of just how blessed many of us are to have a community of Muslims like us to support us.

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It’s an opportunity to create and strengthen social bonds.

Eid prayers are a great opportunity to have healthy social interactions with your brothers and sisters in Islam. It’s a chance to see family and friends, and share this special occasion with them. It’s also a great way to meet new friends. Studies show that social interaction greatly increases your mood, so go out there and socialize!
Eid is a time for both celebration and reflection, fun and prayer, excitement and thankfulness. It’s a time to relax, have fun, and enjoy yourself with friends and family, while also being mindful of Allah and His presence in your life.
Let attending Eid prayers be an important part of your Eid tradition.
Written by Noora Badwan

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  • Everything else is fine except for the first point…. The Eid congregation is not fard (obligatory) … It is one level down and is counted as a wajib…. If one misses the congregation of even misses the prayer itself then he is not expected to perform it

    • Salam. Just like everything in Islam, there is debate among scholars as to whether it is fard or wajib. Many scholars (not all) however believe that it is fard ‘ayn (individual obligation) for every Muslim to attend based on the Prophet’s (PBUH) hadith stating that everyone, even women who cannot pray, should attend the Eid prayer to witness the gathering of the ummah. Ultimately it is up to individual interpretation, and either way the Prophet made it clear that it is extremely important for all Muslims to attend the prayer.

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