11 Times Islamic Poetry Touched Our Souls

Poetry weaves the magic of words and invokes feelings within us like no other literary work does.

The Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (SAW) said, “Indeed some forms of speech are magical,” [Bukhari], and “Indeed there is wisdom in some forms of poetry,” [Bukhari], meaning that words can have a spellbinding effect and can captivate the hearts of people.

There are some wonderful poets who weave the beauty of Islam through the magic of words. They stir our souls to bring us closer to our Lord and fall in love with our Prophet all the more. So here, I have compiled for you some of the most touching works of Islamic poetry, courtesy of a plethora of talented, young poets from Instagram:


1. This Reminder of How Sujood is Our True Home.


[/media-credit] Come Home| Diary of a Niqabi 


2. When We Choose Akhirah Over Duniya, Everytime.

Striving Revert


3. When Poetry Invoked Maturity in Us.

Ibtasem Poetry


4. When We Remembered Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Diary of a Niqabi


5. When We Could Never Get Enough of Our Fajr Blessings.

The Fragrance of Islam


6. When We Grieved for Hussain A.S.



7. When Poetry Affirmed Our Faith in Allah in Face of Adversity.

The Fragrance of Islam


8. When Poetry Encouraged Our Faith in Allah.

Poetic Dawah


9. When Wisdom and Patience Became Our Strengths From Allah.



10. When We Knew Allah Was There to Listen to Us Always.

Striving Revert


11. When We Were Encouraged to Seek Forgiveness for Our Sins.



Author’s note: Dear readers, the passionate poet and loving sister, apapermask, is no longer with us. Please remember her and her family in your duas. May Allah grant her maghfirah, and Jannatul Firdaus. Ameen.

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