The Top 10 Most Beautiful Ayats from the Quran

114 surahs, 6,236 ayats, and countless pearls of wisdom make up the Holy Quran.

The pages of our sacred book take each reader on a spiritual journey, hoping to guide the soul to it’s rightful place. The words so delicately written in the Quran all have meanings that span beyond the embroidered bindings and the calligraphic framing of the Quran. While each aya is beautiful in its own right, the following ten are ones which, I believe, form the fabric of Islam when woven together. Each aya offers us wisdom that reach beyond the words, and touch our hearts and minds. So without further ado, let’s dive into the knowledge bestowed upon us by our most merciful Lord:


1. Perspective

Islam and the Holy Quran remind us that this world, with all it’s hardships, is temporary and deceptive. This aya reminds us to re-frame our perspective about our daily lives so that we may find internal peace.


2. Strength

If you have ever had a moment of weakness where it felt as though your bones were crumbling underneath the weight of the world, then look to this beautiful aya to remind yourself that you can handle this storm, and the next.


3. Loneliness

In this day and age we are constantly connected to people via social media. Yet, despite the ease of connecting with someone, more and more people are reporting feelings of loneliness. So if you also find yourself feeling isolated, never forget that Allah (SWT) is always with you.


4. Fairness and Kindness

Islam has always called for the proper treatment of others. In this aya, Allah (SWT) instructs us to act in kindness towards those who have none, and to be fair to those wishing to make change. In today’s arguably toxic society, this aya should be recalled in our minds daily.


5. The Simplicity Of Doing Good

This aya explains itself just beautifully!


6. Forgiveness

Some believe that to forgive would mean justifying the injustice, however, our faith tells us that forgiveness and mercy are practiced by those willing to let go. In fact, the power of forgiveness is so notable, that it is one of the 99 names and characters of Allah (SWT).


7. Love and Partnership

Contrary to common belief, Islam understands the beauty of connecting two souls. In this aya readers are reminded that Allah (SWT) created us in pairs; does it get any more romantic than that?


8. Seeking Knowledge

There is a reason that scientific knowledge grew between the 8th and 14th century, otherwise known as the time of the Islamic Golden Age. Our faith tells us to seek knowledge and to pray for it; intelligence is at the heart of Islam.


9. Being Patient

From our food to our transportation, everything today comes with a simple click of a button. Therefore, it is no surprise that we are growing more and more impatient. Yet, if we look to our Quran, we are reminded of the beauty in being patient.


10. On Islam

These days, our political climate leaves us reeling, with uninformed attacks on the nature of our religion more prevalent than ever before. Even within our community, we find ourselves bickering over fatwas and rights. We become divided on tafseer, causing us to fall into a stressful cycle. With all this insurmountable pain, it is no wonder we have forgotten a major truth of Islam and its teachings. The Quran never intended to distress us; we did that.