Making Muslim Women Stay at Home Is Against Prophetic Example

  • Zaf123

    She quotes an Hadith but says the Quran says in the 3rd paragraph about knowledge

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  • El Cid

    “Rather, the Qur’an says, “Whoever goes out seeking knowledge, then he is in Allah’s cause until he returns.” (Jami` at-Tirmidhi volume 1, Book 39, Hadith 2647).
    You are copying and pasting from the Hadith while saying that it is from the Qur’an. You obviously have not read either.

    “We are enablers for progress. Not only do we have the power to create new generations, but we are also innovators in society. Islam has always injected feminism into society, so it’s time some of our brothers get with the program.”
    It will be best if your “Dear Walla Bro” keeps you out of the gene pool. Any educated man assuredly will.

    • https://www.AFD.de Frank Baumann

      „The Qur’an says …“

      Even a rotten book can’t say anything !!!

  • https://www.AFD.de Frank Baumann

    „I slam, you slam,
    everybody wants Islam!“

    ~ Johnson, Moll, & King

  • https://www.AFD.de Frank Baumann
  • https://www.AFD.de Frank Baumann
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    This seems to be written by a very young woman?? Mature women know that education is good but also know that raising a family is the most amazing and hard job there can be. Muslim women are not housebound, this sounds more cultural than anything to me.

  • Hala Maksoud

    In the most primitive and backward Muslim cultures women must stay at home. Inshallah, this practice will cease in time.