Cardi B, Bodak Yellow, and Hip-Hop’s Orientalism Problem

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  • Hmmm.

    Please never forget that Arabs have and continue to colonize regions in Africa. There are black arabs as well as black Muslims. Sometimes, they’re even mutually inclusive. I’m not trying to invalid your point, per say, but I would of liked to see a little write up about this for the article.

  • Fatima Babaji

    Ya seem to forget about black Muslims lol, no?

  • Ikram Hassan

    How are you going to erase the existence of Black Muslims?

  • Copyright101

    You watch and enjoy this jew-produced garbage and have the effrontery to portray yourself as some sort of serious thinker? #embarrassedforyou

    • Televangelist

      yiiiiiiiikes what if not anti-semitic thx

  • Bilqees Rashid

    Im glad non black muslims are callin BS on this post, It shows progress in the muslim community, shows that not everyone just simply forgets that black muslims exist like the writer of this article